Steelers Alameda Ta’amu Arrested For Running from Police, Hitting 5 Cars & Taking off Shirt

The description of what happened before he was arrested is amazing.

Police tried to pull Ta’amu over for a routine traffic stop, but Ta’amu wasn’t haven’t it. He takes off, hits four parked cars and almost runs over several pedestrians in the process.  Ta’amu then tries to run over several police officers to the point they had to pull out their guns and were prepared to shoot him.

They didn’t shoot thankfully, but then Ta’amu hits a 5th card and totals his 2006 Lincoln Navigator.

It isn’t over though.

After totaling the Navigator, Ta’amu gets out of the car, takes off his shirt, throws it at the cops while trying to flee the scene.  He didn’t make it to far.

You might find this next statement to be shocking, but Ta’amu was drunk.

He faces 15 charges, a lot of them felonies for his Hangover style antics.


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