Arkansas Fans Court Jon Gruden with “Hey Grude” Video

I’m not surprised that two SEC fanbases are trying to turn their respective schools’ head coaching searches into a recruiting war, but I am surprised that both Tennessee and Arkansas fans appear to be turning their head coaching searches into something that resembles a spin-off of ABC’s “The Bachelor”.  Not to be outdone by Tennessee fans, a group of Arkansas fans have posted their own recruitment video in an effort to lure ESPN analyst Jon Gruden to Fayetteville.  Here’s a look courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

Those guys actually weren’t bad, but I really don’t think Arkansas fans want to turn this into a sing off for Gruden.  Gruden has more ties to Tennessee, and the Tennessee job is probably a better gig if Gruden decides to leave ESPN for college football.  But just for kicks, let’s take a look at how a sing off would play out with Flash being Arkansas, JT being Tennessee, Gruden being the fine chick on the first row whose husband is portraying an ESPN executive:

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  • This is hilarious

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