Bill Belichick Says Andrew Luck Reminds Him of Cam Newton

We will probably hear much more analysis on how Andrew Luck compares to Peyton Manning at this stage in his career leading up to Sunday’s matchup between the 6-3 Colts (what a difference having a legit QB makes) and Tom Brady’s 6-3 Patriots, but New England coach Belichick had very different comparison for Andrew Luck when joined WEEI Sports Radio in Boston (via yesterday:

“I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between him, physically, and a guy like Cam Newton, just as far as being able to run, and be strong and fast and have a good arm. He seems to read coverages well. He’s got a great receiver, obviously, in Reggie Wayne. … The Colts have done a great job. They’ve turned that program around.”

Wow.  Can I get an “amen” from you on this one Warren Moon?  All jokes aside, Belichick makes a good point.  I was always very impressed by Andrew Luck’s blend of athleticism and arm strength.  Also, like Newton, Luck has immediately made his team relevant again.  The irony in Belichick’s comparison is that the Carolina Panthers may have drafted Luck over Newton if Luck had declared for the 2011 draft.  Aside from Newton’s sophomore slump, it looks like things worked out well for both players and their teams.

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