Goodell Concerned That HD TV Is So Good, No Need To Go To Games

There is that group of rabid football fans that value their season tickets, scour stub hub for seats every Sunday and begin their tailgating at the break of dawn.

For many of the NFL’s most loyal fans their Sunday starts with a trip to the store, setting their fantasy  roster, and sitting down in the comfort of their own homes, to watch 12 plus hours of NFL coverage.

With the upgrade in advanced technology and different devices, the NFL has created its own conundrum.

The NFL would love all their stadiums to be sold out, packed with lines to get in.

The NFL also loves their TV contracts, and has commercial and deals with Sony, Direct TV and other companies.

Yes the NFL has a catch 22 going on.

The NFL is aware of his situation.  So aware, that he’s concerned about High Definition television, and huge TV’s possibly eliminating the need to go to the stadium.

Goodell addressed those concerns in front of a group of Falcons fans according to the New York Post.

One of our biggest challenges in the league is the experience at home,” Goodell said. “HD is only going to get better.”

And “HD is only going to get better,” he said.

What a great problem to have.