Jason Babin Rips Eagles And Philly Media In First Jags Press Conference


Former Eagles defensive end Jason Babin has been in Jacksonville a few hours, but it only took him minutes to fire some unnecessary shots back at his former team.

Babin held his first Jaguars presser this afternoon, and according to Crossing Broad, lit into the Philadelphia media first, before ending with several subliminal disses at his former team.

Vito Stellino covered the press conference for Jacksonville and relayed most of Babin’s comments via twitter.  Here is a breakdown of most of his quotes.

Stellino: Babin met with press and said he is happy to be in Jax, impressed with practice and wants to be here long term. Of his image in Philly, he said he challenged the Philly writers to be professional. Said they asked loaded questions. Babin said of Eagles, “Things are kind of stagnant. They could ultimately get worse before they get better.” Besides loaded questions, not being professional, Babin said Philly writers didn’t tie shoes, wore shorts, had stinky breath.

Babin had a whole lot more to say, as he got several things off his chest.

Babin blame the team, and the scheme he played in for his lack of sacks.

“Sometimes individual stats are a culmination of team effort, even though an individual gets the accolades.”

He expressed his desire to help build Jacksonville into an up and coming winner, unlike the failing situation in Philadelphia.

“Things are stagnant [in Philly]. They can ultimately get worse before they get better. So being a part of something that is about to blossom is definitely an exciting feeling.”

Babin expressed his feelings on the fans and media bashing him as he exited the city.

“Well, if you don’t know Philly, that’s a little bit of endearment. That’s kind of the way they love. It’s like a backhanded compliment. The non-Philly person would look at it as mean cruel, but it’s a little bit of a sign of endearment. [When they say you’re surly?] It’s a little bit of their style, I guess.”

Finally Babin spoke about the Philadelphia media misrepresenting him.

“They got to find something to write about, right? There’s about ten-times them as there are you guys.”

Wow Mr. Babin where do I begin.  Is the situation in Philadelphia stagnant and falling apart?

Yes it is, but it didn’t start falling apart until the Eagles started chasing high-priced guys like yourself and Nnamdi.

I’m appalled by Jason Babin and have no more words.

To try to save face by suggesting the Jacksonville situation is one on the rise is ludicrous.


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  1. as a philadelphian and eagles fan….i’ve got to say, i don’t see anything remotely offensive about babin’s comments. and obviously he has to comment positively about his brand new team, regardless of how optimistic he really may be.

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