Jerry Jones Says He’s Had Enough Of RG3 Already!!!

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not pleased with his team’s performance yesterday, and did his best to hide and not show his frustrations.

One thing or person I should say that had Jones heated the most, was Redskins super rookie Robert Griffin III.

RG3 threw four touchdowns in a 38-31 win over Dallas, and drove the Cowboys defense crazy all afternoon.

Jones didn’t want to talk about his head coach Jason Garrett, and his prospects for returning next season, but according to USA Today, had no problem commenting on Griffin III and his displeasure with having to face him.

“I just think that hopefully we don’t have to play RG3 but one more time,” he said. “I’d hate to think we’d have to line up against him five or six more times. I’m not trying to be funny… On at least two of those throws, I don’t know how you could cover them any better, and there might have been as many as five or six of them.

“It is very disappointing,” Jones said. “I have to almost pinch myself to realize that (Griffin) was out here playing against Texas Tech almost a year ago and here he is really doing a number on us.”

Jerry Jones better come to the realization real quick that he will see Griffin III twice a year at the minimum.

If he wanted to eliminate having to see RG3 that many times, he should have traded up to get him.