Todd Bowles Rips Eagles Defense And Their Inability To Execute Simple Things

The Philadelphia Eagles are a mess and imploding at the seams.

Even after firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, and replacing him with Todd Bowles, the Eagles continue to give up large chunks of yardage at the wrong times.

While answering question after last nights game Bowles was very candid in explain to Philly Mag that his players are simply failing to execute the simplest of coverages.

“The first one was high school cover-3,” Bowles said after the team’s 30-22 loss to the Panthers. “The ball was thrown down the middle of the field. We gave up a touchdown. Inexcusable. The second one was inexcusable too.”
The first play Bowles was referring to was a 24 yard touchdown pass down the middle of the secondary.

“The second long one was a bust,” Bowles said. “It was inexcusable. Shouldn’t have happened. Everybody knew where they were supposed to be. They weren’t there.”

Why is that still happening at this point in the season?

“I wish I could tell you,” Bowles said.

“They can’t happen. Not at this level, not at this stage of the game, not after what we’ve been through. And everybody has to own up to their responsibility.

What you have here is Todd Bowles auditioning for another job somewhere as a defensive back coach or defensive coordinator, and what he won’t do is allow this team that has quit working to drag him down with them.