Adrian Peterson Tells Eric Dickerson I’m Coming For You And Record

adrian coming for Dickerson

Minnesota Vikings all pro running back just capped off one of the greatest individual seasons, and comeback story in the history of sports.

Peterson led his Vikings to the playoffs after beating the Green Bay Packers yesterday.  What Peterson didn’t do unfortunately was break Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.  Peterson finished with 2,096 rushing yards this season, leaving him 9 yards short of Dickerson’s 28-year-old record of 2,105 rushing yards.

Peterson isn’t stressing that disappointment, actually he’s even more focused now according to Pro Football Talk.  Peterson told Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he has a message for Dickerson, a simple one.

Peterson wants Dickerson to know “he’s coming for him and his record.”

“Yes,” Peterson said.  “Yes.  Yes.  The feeling is there.  I understand the big picture, but the feeling is there.  I wanted this.”

“I’m coming for you.”

“In my heart, I believe I’m the MVP,” he said. “Whether I win it or not, I feel I’m the MVP.”

Peterson does have 2013 to look forward to, and instead of using his rehabbed knee as his focus, he will now the chase of the Dickerson’s record to fuel him.

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