Anonymous Oregon Boosters Want Chip Kelly To Leave Because He Won’t A** Kiss

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly has amassed a winning percentage of 86.5% and is 45-7 over his career at Oregon. Kelly has led Oregon to four BCS bowl appearances in a row since replacing Mike Bellotti in 2009.

Kelly is a top flight college coach and the apple of several NFL teams eye, and according to USA Today via John Locanthi of the Willamette Week, several anonymous boosters would prefer that Kelly chase the NFL money and run.

According to Locanthi, Oregon Duck boosters don’t appreciate the fact that Kelly is “unwilling to schmooze and kiss ass for the program.”

locanthi:  “A number of substantial Oregon football boosters, many of whom requested anonymity, expressed a widespread annoyance with Kelly. The coach with the highest winning percentage (45-7, 86.5 percent) among BCS conference coaches is at odds with many of those closest to the Oregon program. Although most would agree Kelly is an extraordinary coach, he doesn’t care much for the many other obligations that come with his job.”

“As revolutionary as Chip has been on the field with the no-huddle offense, he’s been more revolutionary in how he acts toward social functions,” says an Oregon booster who requested anonymity. The source said the relationship between Kelly and boosters is strained.

“He’s good at talking to people,” says Jack Roberts, “but he’s not a glad-handing guy.”

“Fundraising and socializing are not his favorite activities.”

Oregon needs Chip Kelly, and I think you now have a situation where Oregon as a program and University is feeling itself.  The idea that the next coach can do what Chip Kelly has done is far-fetched.

Chip Kelly’s record should do all the schmoozing his program needs.