Cowboys Excited To Control Own Fate

Tony Romo, Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys will have another shot at winning their final game to get into the playoffs.  Last season the Boys lost to the Giants in a hotly contested game. The Cowboys lost and went home, the Giants were victorious and went on to the win the Super Bowl.

Sunday night the Cowboys have a chance to erase years of demons and last seasons bad taste when they travel to Washington for a winner take all season finale.

The Cowboys are not nervous for this one, actually according to ESPN Dallas, the Cowboys are “excited to control their own fate, and live for games like this.”

“We are excited about it,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You live for games like this. We have worked very hard to get to this point and it will be a great challenge for us going up to Washington. But we played 15 ball games and we’ve got a chance to go play for the NFC East crown on Sunday night, so we are awfully excited about the opportunity.”

“Experience can be a really positive thing,” Garrett said. “It doesn’t always have to be a positive thing. Sometimes it can be a bad experience when you didn’t get the job done and hopefully you can learn from what happened, what you did or didn’t do in that situation and go forward. We have a lot of different football players than we had over the last four or five years. We know that. Every year is a new team but there have been some guys who were in those games as players and coaches and hopefully we can benefit from those experiences.”

“There are so many experiences that you try to draw from,” Garrett said. “We’ll draw from the game we played against Washington just a few weeks ago in terms of our preparation and try to get ready to play our best game.”

These are games you live for, and the Cowboys through so many failures alone should be able to respond to such a challenge.

If they can’t respond against a much younger and inexperienced Redskins team, then I’m not sure the Cowboys will ever have enough moxie.