ESPN Lomas Brown Questions Fans Sexuality & Calls Them White Trash Via Twitter

lomas brown twitter rant

Lomas Brown tries to make amends, and Lomas Brown taketh the amends away.  We reported earlier today that Brown was regretful about letting former teammate Scott Mitchell get hurt on purpose many years ago.

Brown caught a ton of flak after boastfully admitting what he did to a teammate.  Sometime between late Christmas Eve and early Christmas day, Brown grew tired of his twitter followers, all 9,800 lashing out at him for his past actions.

So according to Deadspin Lomas Brown lost his mind and started to “disrespect some followers, question some of his followers sexuality, and let the rest know that they were white trash.”

lomas disrespects fans 1

lomas disrespects fans 2

lomas disrespects fans 3

lomas disrespects fans 4


lomas disrespects fans 5

lomas disrespects fans 6

lomas disrespects fans 7


lomas disrespects fans 8

lomas disrespects fans 9

Lomas allowed social media to get himself in a situation and it’s not like it was 6 tweets or over a few minutes.  Lomas went back and forth for the better part of 2 days.

There’s no word yet on whether his bosses at ESPN are aware of the situation and whether or not their strict twitter policy will come into play.

4 thoughts on “ESPN Lomas Brown Questions Fans Sexuality & Calls Them White Trash Via Twitter

  • Lomas kept it real and now it’s going too far…..he should never get caught up in a twitter beef..its a no win situation…just let it go….

  • I know Detroit is broker than Haiti, Now their broke and ppl from the D town are [email protected]#holes? Rob Parker and now Lomas Brown?!!

    • Rob Parker is from Queens, NY. He was just a reporter for the Detroit News, and owns buisnesses there. Second, just because you’re from Detroit doesn’t mean you’re broke, stop watching white the white media, and actually get out of the house. Lastly, the economy in Detroit >>> your knowledge of the English language, faggot. Know the difference between ‘they’re’, and ‘their’.

      • *stop watching the white media

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