Former Heisman Winner Jason White Put Landry Jones on His Ballot, But Not Manziel

As an athlete when you graduate or leave a program, you are always taught to look out for those in the program and show loyalty to your school.

Sometimes showing that loyalty can put you in a bad spot, and make you look absolutely ridiculous.  Take for example former Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Jason White.

Jason White won the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma in 2003, and finished third in 2004, losing votes to his Sooner teammate Adrian Peterson.

With that Heisman win, White has earned the right to vote once a year on the prestigious award.  As a Heisman voter, you are allowed to vote for whomever you choose.

The Big Lead via OU Sports is reporting that White’s 2012 Heisman ballot is in, with one potential perceived issue.   White left Heisman favorite and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel off his ballot, and gave a vote to fellow and current Sooner quarterback Landry Jones.

White’s Ballot: 1. Collin Klein

                             2. Manti Te’o

                           3. Landry Jones

Jones and Manziel square off in the Cotton Bowl, and you can bet Johnny Football will put on a show.

I can understand being loyal to your school, but a hilarious homer, not a good look Jason.

You may now have your vote revoked.