Monday Night Football: Patriots vs Texans Recap

Patriots: 42


The Texans billed this game as their coming out party–their chance to show the League that they’re the newest powerhouse of the AFC…and they failed.

Tom Brady played superbly from the start, as everything went the Patriots way on their home turf. Aaron Hernandez proved that he’s back to his old self after battling with injury for the majority of the season, as he connected for an early touch down with 8 receptions for the night.

Brady threw 4 touchdowns in this game for 296 yards, the Patriots offense never relented as they continued to stockpile points even in the 4th quarter, which started at 28-7 and soon ballooned to a 42 point game for the Pats as the Texans soon threw in the towel.

Matt Schaub completed an iffy 19 of 32 passes along with a pick for a subpar performance all around, he was simply outmatched. The Texans have truly been exposed, and it’s been a long time coming as the injuries have noticeably left them reeling. They’ve lost a large edge after the Cushing injury and they’ve failed to overpower teams, despite their sterling 11-2 record. Just makes one wonder if they’re going to be the real deal come playoffs.

Patriots continue to have a strangle hold on the AFC, even with the ups and downs of the defense and the mini saga with Wes Welker, which threatened to do damage earlier on. Like it or not, Tom Brady continues to be the best Quarterback in the league as he hoists his team on his back every week like a well oiled machine. These two teams shall meet again very soon.

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  • Recap: Texans got their ass kicked…….

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