Paul Tagliabue to Rule on Bounty Today

Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue has notified all parties that he will rule on the bounty investigation that has plagued the NFL for nine months today.

Tagliabue was assigned to handle the 2nd round of player appeals, in which for the first time Jonathan Vilma’s (the current Saints linebacker who is accused of being one of the bounty ring leaders) attorney’s and the NFL Players association were able to cross-examine NFL key witnesses.

Also in this round of appeals the NFL allowed attorneys representing the players to view documents the NFL collected during their investigation, some of which stated actions the players say they never did.

If the sanctioned players accept Tagliabue’s decision it could finally put an end to the bounty saga, but if not, it will be up to a federal judge to decide whether Tagliabue’s ruling will stand.

It will be interested to see how former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue rules in this case. If his decision is one that is in favor of the players, it could totally discredit current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the league.