Rondo Says He Learned Nothing From Suspension; Vacationed in Mexico

Rajon Rondo is back from his 2-game suspension for man handling the Nets’ Kris Humphries.

As reported by the Boston Globe, here’s how Rondo explained his break:

“I wanted to be out there with my teammates but obviously a 2-game suspension, like I said I was glued in front of the TV,” said Rondo, who told reporters he went to Mexico during the break. “Hopefully I don’t feel too winded tomorrow. I think I’ve been off for about a week now. We’ll see tomorrow.”

When asked if he learned any lessons during his third suspension in nine months, he said: “No.”

Rondo did say he missed being around his teammates. ”It was difficult,” he said, “I love being around the guys. I love coming into practice and being around them on the team plane, but I had to miss that for a couple of days but other than that everything is back to normal.”

This is the first we’ve heard from Rondo since the incident.  The ejection and subsequent suspension broke his streak of 10 or more assists per game at 37.

Rondo doesn’t seem remorseful at all about the incident and I don’t blame him.  I would rather have a teammate that I know will stick-up for me, than one who wouldn’t.