Video: DeSean Jackson Mad At Vick For Causing Him To Lose $10k To Meek Mill

Yesterday we reported on Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson losing $10,000 to Philly rapper Meek Mill in rap battle between two of their protegé’s.  

Today courtesy of Crossing Broad we have video of that epic event.  Jackson’s Jacpot artist Retro battled Meek Mill’s artist Lil Snupe.

Lil Snupe won of course and DeSean had to pay Meek $10,000, of which Meek generously donated to Strawberry Mansion High School.

The battle was judged by Michael Vick, T.I., Rich Kid Shawty and Trae Tha Truth.  In a scene reminiscent of 8 mile or any rap battle your used to seeing, the two combatants were placed in front of one another given the opportunity to go at it.

Of course I watched all 30 mins and it was quite entertaining to me at least.   At the 2:20 second mark DeSean loses his mind when he tries to offer up more cash in exchange for Retro battling Meek Mill in a battle.

DeSean should have just donated the money to charity at that point, but moving on.   A minute later T.I. tells D-Jac to “calm down with the bravado, everybody know’s you got money.”

At the 5:49 mark of the video, the battle begins.  At the 11:06 mark Lil Snupe shouts out Vick and takes a shot at DeSean all in one line.

At the 21:50 mark, T.I deems the battle over, and the judging can begin.  Trae The Truth picks Lil Snupe.  DeSean says nothing.  At the 23:35 mark Michael Vick picks his winner, which is Lil Snupe.  DeSean is hot now at this point, but says nothing.

After about six minutes of listening to T.I. lecture about why his protegé’ lost, DeSean walks out at the 26.:15 mark to a chorus of he threw a fit, and stop acting like a baby, “you got $50 million.”

A day in a life of a hip hop and athletics.

Nothing could be more better.

Warning language NSFW