Who’s Going To Buy A Catholics Vs Cousins T-Shirt?, Bama Fans Not Pleased (Photo)

Many years ago in an epic matchup between Notre Dame and the Miami Hurricanes, some disrespectful genius labeled the matchup Catholics vs Convicts and profited greatly.

The disrespect has reached a new level according to College Football Talk, as the disrespect has ratcheted up again, this time with insinuations that all Alabama residents inbreed, with a Catholics vs Cousin t-shirt now for sale.

There are reports that former Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen is a proud owner of one these hilariously disrespectful t-shirts as he tweeted the photo below before taking it down.


The shirts reportedly have been on the market for weeks now.  

2 thoughts on “Who’s Going To Buy A Catholics Vs Cousins T-Shirt?, Bama Fans Not Pleased (Photo)

  • The sad thing is that a VERY, VERY SMALL percentage of that kind of thing goes on in every state you go to–maybe every nation you go. Bc of that, the caricature is really low and scandalous. They are supposed to be a Christian school; why aren’t they striking it down! Surely[sarcasm], they must know that it’s wrong! It’s not in the mainstream here just like it is not in the mainstream there. However, what about these shady Catholic religious practices that I keep hearing about everywhere and even about the foundations of it. What about them claiming to be a Christian–many classify it more cult or movement than anything else–and yet at the same time have magical mascot(everyone knows about the leprecaun). The South identifies with Baptist–where you’ll find hypocrites in every church that you go to, but that goes on in every religion, sect, or denomination(it’s unavoidable). The foundation, from a Christian standpoint, is not flawed! Just saying…

    • Leprecauns are supposed be the representation of a wizard(wicca or witchcraft thaumaterge). Why would a Christian school want that connotation or anything that is demonic or satanic in nature representing them? Is that appropriate? Even if people believe that this is a major way of life in the South–which it most certainly is not(as far as I know), you can get forgiveness for almost anything. What’s more(having a forgivable problem–if you seek help sincerely) or being clouded by a mass deception in which you may not know how to seek forgiveness or repentance correctly! I think it’s the latter, bc that has to do with where you spend your eternity. That argument is full of holes, as they don’t live here(I’m a Mississippi resident) or have a well respected, subjugated, unbiased reporter on their payroll reporting on this issue. Search(web and open practices for everyone to see) Catholic and stack them up to the bible. They make a claim which they would be liable for(if they came out of hiding), but it seems like they have the same issue that we have(happens minutely everywhere but not nearly mainstream) plus bigger baggage about where their religion leads them, if followed correctly.

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