ABC News George Stephanopoulos Thinks Bill Russell Is Morgan Freeman


There has always been a saying that in circles, some people think that all black people look-alike.  Some may dismiss that theory, but today during President Obama’s Inaugural Address, that theory was put to the test.

During ABC”s telecast of the historic event, anchor George Stephanopoulos was skimming through the list of celebrity guest in the crowd according to USA Today.

When Stephanopoulos stopped at a still shot of NBA great and Hall of Fame center Bill Russell sitting next to his wife wearing a Celtics cap,Stephanopoulos misidentified Russell with another African-American pioneer.

“That’s Morgan Freeman, I think, right there on the Capitol steps,” Stephanopoulos said. “No, Bill Russell, I’m sorry.”

The only thing three things those two gentleman have in common are being black, grey haired, and great at what they do.