All Pro Voter Left Megatron Off Ballot Because He Didn’t Win Enough Games


Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson simply obliterated Jerry Rice’s single season receiving yards record with 1,964. Johnson also had 122 catches and 5 touchdowns to be named to the Pro Bowl.

Johnson was not shockingly named a unanimous selection to the NFL’s All Pro team which the supreme individual honor each year for NFL players.

There were two players who received the 50 votes to be unanimous choices, one being Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, and Texans defensive end J.J. Watts.

Johnson was an All Pro yes, but a unanimous choice no.  The reason why can be answered by the one vote who left Johnson off his ballot.

Tim Ryan is a former Bears defensive lineman, current Fox analyst and the one person who did not vote Megatron to the All Pro team.

Ryan’s reasoning for the omittion was simple according to Pro Football Talk, Johnson didn’t win as many games as the Bengals A.J. Green or Bears Brandon Marshall.

“Of course he had a great year and he is a great receiver, but I look at more than statistics and I thought a couple of other receivers had a better season, Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green,” Ryan said. “Johnson was targeted a lot and was often the only thing the Lions had going, but he also dropped a lot of passes and they did lose 12 games. I felt Marshall helped Chicago win games and Green helped Cincinnati win games. I think that is more important than statistics.”

Football is the ultimate team sport and theres no way Johnson can be judge based off of what his team does around him. If anything, Johnson should have received the vote strictly off the premise that he put up those numbers with no help around him.

Also, the All Pro recognition is a singular award. an individual honor, and the only individuals who produce similar stats at their positions also were All Pro’s.

Good job Tim Ryan, way to look like a Bears homer.