Andy Reid Makes a Fat Joke and Says Moving On from His Era Will Be Great for the Eagles

Andy Reid Says His Departure from Philly is Great for Eagles

In football and in life, there are some relationships that simply exhaust all of their possibilities.  When that time comes, change may inevitably be what’s best for both parties involved.  The Philadelphia Eagles probably exhausted all of their possibilities with Andy Reid after last season, but Reid had earned an extra year to right the ship.  However, after a 4-12 campaign, Andy Reid and the Eagles finally ended their 13-year love affair with each other.

Reid has landed on his feet in Kansas City, where he is on the rebound with a club boasts five Pro Bowlers despite its 2-14 record this past season.  Reid spoke about moving on from coaching the Eagles and his new gig with the Chiefs when he was a guest on Soren Petro’s show on WHB in Kansas City (via

“I think change can be good. I think it can be good. And you kind of live and you learn as you go. I have nothing but good things to say about Philadelphia. Jeff Lurie and I are very good friends, besides being business partners in the National Football League. But I think it’s gonna be great for the Eagles. It’ll be great for them to get a new start. And I think, on the other hand, this will be great here” (referring to Kansas City)

I feel very good about it. I’ve always had a lot of energy, I feel like I’ve still got it and I’m very excited to take this adventure here and see what we can do.”

Reid also displayed his sense of humor in the interview when he was asked for his preference between barbecue and cheesesteak, saying “I’ve obviously had too much of both.”

It’s tough to argue that Andy Reid’s presence in Philadelphia would’ve been good for the Eagles in 2013.  As for K.C., the Chiefs had some success the last time they hired an ex-Eagles coach (Dick Vermeil), but they’ve got to find a quarterback if things are going to be “great” at Arrowhead Stadium anytime soon.