Darrelle Revis Says He Wants To Stay With Jets

revis wants to stay a jet

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is finding out the hard way that when you have an injury, you are out of sight, out of mind.  Revis who is rehabbing from an ACL tear spoke and shared a few thoughts with ESPN New York on everything New York Jets.

Revis who guarantees he’ll be 100 percent when next season starts, says “he wants to remain a Jet, and thinks Mark Sanchez will be alright.”

“I just think he has to just focus on football,” Revis said. “Don’t get into the ‘he-said she-said,’ and listening to outsiders. It’s all about being focused and playing what you love.”

“We’re not far, it’s just this year there was a lot of stuff going on,” Revis said. “The injuries and playing some good teams, we played tough teams. The season kind of spiraled into turmoil from injuries and I think we couldn’t really bounce back from that.”

“I definitely want to be here,” Revis said. “This is where I live, this is the team I got drafted by.”

“I think Rex is a great coach, just looking outside-in, we just need to evaluate this offseason and get some guys in here, some playmakers in here,” Revis said.

With the way Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson rehabbed and returned from injury, it will definitely be interesting to see how Revis returns and if he can be the same of player of before.

Revis himself probably would have guaranteed the Jets one or two more wins on the season, just off of what he brings to the defense.