ESPN Releases Statement On Musburger Saying Holly Rowe Was “SMOKIN”

Musburger calls holly rowe

Sometimes when you are a broadcast legend, it’s sort of like having ring protection in whatever sport you play.  Some anchors or analyst get fired for the silliest of things, when you have a voice and credentials like Brent Musburger, it brings you protection.

Last night the sports world went into an uproar when Musburger who was signing off from the Kansas vs Baylor game he was calling, referred to sideline reporter Holly Rowe as “Smokin Hot.”

Today ESPN released a statement and per Awful Announcing, Musburger has done nothing wrong.  According to the statement released by Josh Krulewitz, Musburger said “it’s smoking tonight.”

brent musburger


Musburger himself has declined request to speak on any of the matters.

I’ll let my readers be the judge.

2 thoughts on “ESPN Releases Statement On Musburger Saying Holly Rowe Was “SMOKIN”

  • He clearly said “Holly Rowe who is really smokin tonight”…like I said before…not sure how he meant it but he definitely said it.

  • Why is this a story???????? Every hetero man makes these comments every day.

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