Hot or Not: Bball Wives Draya Michele Celebrates Birthday In See-Through Leggings (Photo)


Draya Michele Celebrates Birthday In See-Through Leggings 2

There is a fine line between sexy and raunchy.

Last night, “Basketball Wives” star Draya Michelle celebrated her birthday at LA hot spot Greystone Manor wearing see-through leggings that bared all of her ASSets. 

Draya Michele Celebrates Birthday In See-Through Leggings 1

There’s an art to being tastefully sexy and unfortunately this does not fit the bill, plus there’s nothing hot about wearing panty hose to the club.  My vote: Not. 

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  1. Not appropriate at all. Men luv it when u leave sumthin 2 the imagination. Plus sum of us our cups are very large and backsides are out quite a bit. We would b causing 2 many accidents. Ha! Ha! So I hope thz doesn’t bcome a fashion trend. Ha! Ha! I can c wearing shorts but coming out & showing my bd suit is not a great idea in front of sum brothas that iz just teazing them a little bit 2 much. U can c but can’t touch. Then keep it N the bdroom. No need of tezing my brothas lk that. I hv 2 much respect 4 them. It iz alwyz great 2 think like a man & act lk a lady. ****Don’t need 2 inherit a stalker along the way. Ha! Ha! I hope they find another fashion 2 wear bcuz I can’t b caught wearing that. Hv 2 much 2 put Nside. Ha! Ha!

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