Jamaal Franklin Unbelievable Pass Off Backboard To Himself For Dunk (Video)

jamaal-franklin-off backboard

Sand Diego State forward Jamaal Franklin is the reigning Mountain West Conference Player of the Year and bona fide NBA prospect.

Last night he made what many consider the dunk of the year when he smoothly at full speed when coast to coast, and at some point once he passed half court, decided to throw himself a pretty pass off the backboard for an unbelievable dunk.

Franklin was asked about it and said, “A lot of players wouldn’t do that,” Franklin said. “That’s just me being myself.”

The 6’5 man-child also accounted for  a sick stat line of 20 points, 18 rebounds, five assists, three blocks as the Aztecs win over Fresno State.

Video courtesy of The Big Lead