Kid in Wheelchair Knocked Over When NC State Fans Storm Court After Beating Duke (Video)

NC State vs Duke Crowd

What is the dumbest thing you have done in college? Well for Will Privette, also known as “The Wheelchair Kid,” asking his friend to push him in his wheelchair in a crowd was high on the marks of not so bright. However, Privette was not about to allow that to hold him back from celebrating a big win.

During the end of the NC State vs. Duke game, Dick Vitale was ranting about his fear of someone getting hurt after charging the court proceeding a win. He started to voice his concerns with a minute remaining in regulation, setting up the following scene perfectly. On their home court, NC State served No. 1 Duke with their first upset of the season beating them 84-76. As fans started to rush the court, you can see a guy pushing a kid in a wheelchair directly into the crowd in center court.

Nothing good could have been made out of what happened next. While sitting in the middle of the court, Privette was bum rushed by thousands of students. The camera man tries to pans away as you see him start to tip over and get trampled.

Scary sight.  I suppose Vitale has a reasonable argument. Luckily CJ Leslie saves the day, picking him up and caring him out of harm’s way. The only harm done was a few dings to his wheelchair hopefully he can get that fixed.

Derek Medlin ScreenshotDerek Medlin Screenshot Wheelchair Kid

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