Notre Dame Teammate Says Manti Te’o is a Liar and Very Good Actor

Manti Teo catfish

An anonymous Notre Dame teammate of Te’o spoke to Jackie Pepper of who has formerly worked for ESPN, Fox Sports,  NFL Network and is currently freelancing for Yahoo Sports.

The teammate shed some light on what was really going on between Te’o and his Fake Dead Cancer Girlfriend.

Here is what she had to say

The Notre Dame football player, who asked for anonymity, told Pepper On Sports, “No we all knew he had only seen her once. But when the media was saying how he went through both deaths we knew,” said the source, referring to the back-to-back deaths of Te’o’s grandmother and girlfriend Lennay Kekua, who allegedly died of Leukemia.

In defense of the Heisman Trophy candidate, the source said he believes the lie may have indeed started with somebody duping Te’o using a phony twitter account, and eventually, faking their own death.

manti te'o

Early in my conversation with the source, the Notre Dame player said, “He lied, but the media blew it up.” In response to my follow-up question asking if the source thought that Te’o kept the story going because of the media attention, the player replied, “Yeah. Right after the Michigan [State] game. He should have never brought her in the media. His grandma passing was enough.”

“We would never bring it up.  But we would look at him when he would get all emotional during media about his girl,” the player said.

When asked if he thought Te’o was a good actor, the player replied, “Very good.”

This sounds accurate to me, but instead of manning up, Te’o will play the victim.  The reality is it was his attention whoring that got him into the situation he is in now.

Here is the best case scenario theory for Te’o and there are a lot of wild rumors going.  It is possible originally he was Catfished, but once the media picked up the story, he didn’t dare admit that the person he was talking to wasn’t real.  His Ego got in the way and had him doing interviews like the one he did with Jim Rome where he plays up the relationship like it was a magical love between two people who met on a football field.

Just like with most lies they started to stack on top of each other and got bigger and bigger to the point Te’o was simply in too deep. Once he realized he had been duped and it was possible he could get exposed he confessed to Notre Dame claiming he was the victim.

Unless you are a Kardashian do not push your luck with Attention Whoring, you will get exposed.

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  • Liar, liar, liar, NFL beware…getting scammed online is one thing, telling national media that you have a dead girlfriend that you met online and never met in person is another…he never met the fake girl…you don’t have a girlfriend if you’ve never met…I have a girlfriend in Canada…hope she’s not dead

    • I personally know Manti. I go to Punahou in Hawaii, same high school he went to. Manti would come and give us his gloves and signatures when we were in Kindergarten…

      HOW DARE YOU IDIOTS TALK UP MANTI AND PEP HIM UP FOR HIS GAME, ACTING LIKE YOU WERE HIS FRIENDS, “aww yea manti is my bro”… AND WHEN SOME RETARD PLAYS A SICK PRANK LIKE THIS ON HIM, GO AGAINST HIM? you guys wonder why you will never be a good friend of us. You don’t know what support is. How can you accuse Manti of being the liar when he there is not even a full story yet. Look at his eyes when he cried about her. He meant it all. He did not know anything. Being a mormon, he didnt need pictures or care about her physical features. It makes it easier for people like Manti, devout mormons, to fall in love with a girl just because of the things they say.

      Im in middle school and I just burned you. Hold on, I’ll go get some neosporen.

      • Pat yourself on the back any harder and you’ll hurt your arm.

      • hahaha he gave you an autograph so you believe he couldn’t have lied? being mormon has nothing to do with anything. either he’s an idiot or a liar. probably both.

        and no, you didn’t “burn” anyone.

        • It has a lot do with the situation. Yeah, he did give me an autograph, but he also gave my friends his gloves and invited all of us to his graduation party. I know him personally and he would not do such a thing.

          You idiots should really get to know someone before you talk about and judge them based on a story that isn’t true.

          Get ahold of yourselves and put your dicks back in your pants.

          • so an autograph, some gloves, and a party invite… is that what constitutes as “knowing someone” these days? and I’M the idiot?

            by the way, i’m a woman. maybe YOU shouldn’t judge or assume anything before you shoot your mouth off.

      • the only thing manti is lying about is being gay

        • y u interested? tard.

          u nd kris would be the cutest gay couple in america. dont get ur panties in a bunch

  • Scumbag

    • DITTO!!!!!!!!

  • I knew there was something wrong, when he would wait for the media to make sure that he was on camera, before shouting.. Alabama proved that he was ALL MEDIA and couldn’t takle. there were 5 teams in the SEC that ND could not stay on the field with

    • Meh… It’s amazing how much SEC fans like to draw meaning from SEC victories while ignoring SEC losses. One game simply means that one of two teams was the better team on that particular day. Do you remember when Alabama was heavily favored to defeat Utah in the BCS Sugar Bowl??? I guess the whole country should conclude that Alabama was overrated because Utah won that game.

      • Sorry absolute but the Utah game was a big disappointment for the team just having to play in a second tier bowl. They just had zero motivation to win the game.

      • When year was that again?? 2009?? What has Utah done since then? Come crashing down to earth now that they have to actually play real teams.

        I live in Utah and this is the mentality that most people have. Their team has one good year and that is all they will bring up in an argument. Just talk to a BYU fan for 5 minutes and they will bring up their 1984 championship at least 3 times. Same thing with Ute fans, all they cling to is that 2009 meaningless Sugar Bowl.

  • Seriously… SEC fans are irritating. Alabama won a football game. It doesn’t make the rest of the SEC great. LSU lost. #3 Florida lost. One good team does not make the whole conference great. In addition, the NCG was over a month after the season ended. What is irritating is the fact that SEC fans harp on SEC greatness when the SEC has its share of creampuffs.

    • Seriously…ND fans are irritating. after a creampuff schedule and then barely getting by Pitt, ND had no business being ranked #1. Once again the media and the Golden Domers pumped up the entire nation into watching a championship game between #1 and #10 (notre Dame at best)

  • Funny how every year its an SEC team that wins the BCS championship title game

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