Report: Nick Saban Telling NFL Teams He’s Staying at Alabama


It appears NFL teams have wasted no time in attempting to gauge whether or not Alabama head coach Nick Saban has any interest in returning to the league. And according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, Saban has been quick to tell all teams no.

NFL teams that have been inquiring about Alabama coach Nick Saban in recent days and weeks have been told in no uncertain terms: thanks, but no thanks.”

At least so far. Some franchises with vacancies have sent feelers towards Saban and the Alabama coach regarding his seriousness about returning to the NFL. He has told these inquirers that he isn’t coming back.”

Looks like the Saban return won’t be happening at least anytime soon.

I could still see someday down the road Saban deciding to give the NFL one last shot. As of now though, looks like he is content in Tuscaloosa.