Rose Chiauzzi From MTV’s Catfish Needs Our Help to Get Into Playboy (Photos)

Part of the perks of owning a website is that you can take up charitable causes.  This is one that I have decided to give my 100% backing to.  If you aren’t familiar with the MTV show Catfish  here is how it basically works like this.

Couples who have a relationships strictly online decide to finally meet in person. Normally the results are disastrous as one of the parties normally has a fake profile and been lying the whole time.

In this week’s episode we had a farm boy Joe who thought he was communicating with a model, who turned out to just be his best friend Rose.

Rose Chiauzzi Catfish 8

Normally, the Catfish girl or guy is lying because they are hideous looking, but not Rose.  While she isn’t a super model, I don’t think anyone is kicking her out of the bed.

Rose admitted to being addicted to having fake personalities online (she seemed to be a little off).  Joe ended up more interested in racing four wheelers than having sex with Rose after she professed she wanted to get with him.  At the end of the show Rose goes off to California to meet another guy she tricked with the fake profile, but this guy was smarter than Joe and actually decided to keep Rose around.

My very impressive Twitter followers tracked Rose down at @RoseChiauzzi and we found out she is trying to get into Playboy.

So we are going to help her out. You can vote for Rose here.

As you can see I am the man of the people.

12 thoughts on “Rose Chiauzzi From MTV’s Catfish Needs Our Help to Get Into Playboy (Photos)

  • Come on… they couldn’t even wait for the imprint from the waist of her jeans to go away? Lame photographer. FIRED.

  • Her tits looked bigger on Catfish.

  • she is way too fugly to be in playboy. her body isn’t even good enough to make up for her face. she can’t even fill her bra out in the second photo

  • Honestly I think she looks great, dont see what all the butterface is about. She’s an attractive girl, I think she’ll get it.

  • shes uglier than, well.. a catfish, but the has a great body, she could have a brighter future in porn if you ask me, i wouldnt mind watching that

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