Terrell Suggs Calls Patriots Arrogant Pricks & F*ckers, Wishes Them Well in Pro Bowl



Tell us how you really feel Sizzle.

Here is the thing, lose with class, win with class. If Suggs truly feels this way about Patriots so be it, but it isn’t like the Ravens have the most modest players on their team.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two teams, they both can be annoying with their bravado. Just this time the Ravens got the upper hand.


  1. Nice to see that some teams still have class. PSH. F***king punk. Can’t wait to see the miners whoop your sorry ass!

  2. HAHAHA I F##KING LOVE IT! It’s so true. The Patriot fans are classless jack offs. [email protected]@K the Pats and everyone who follows them! BUNCH OF JOKES!
    Go get that ring Suggs! You guys deserve it!

  3. Nobody likes the patriots anyway. Sore loser douchebags. Like other players dont trash talk? Cant be mad; everything he said is true!

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