White House Petition To Make Monday After Super Bowl A Holiday

Super Bowl Petition

In the latest craze petition to be filed by a sports fan, and there has been many this year, a new petition has surfaced on the White House website to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. The website was created with the intentions to be used as a platform for people to easily file grievances directly to the White House. Since we all know Obama is a sports fan, I suppose we assume it’s easier to get a bill passed regarding sports through him versus someone like George Bush.

In 2012, an estimated 111 million American citizens watched the Super Bowl, making it the most-viewed television broadcast in history and one of the largest location-independent gatherings of American people to date.

We at 4for4.com Fantasy Football petition the Obama Administration to consider declaring the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. By doing so, the Obama Administration can promote camaraderie among the American people, keep the streets safer for our children on Sunday night and Monday morning, promote a productive workplace when work resumes on Tuesday, and honor the most popular event in modern American culture.

Their petition does makes valid points, but this actually happening is unlikely. They need roughly 100,000 signatures to get the government to even look at it, and so far they only have 2,000. America if you want that Monday off I advise you to get to work!

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