Darrelle Revis Says Richard Sherman Runs His Mouth Like a Girl on Twitter


A few weeks ago, Sherman was Tweeting that he was equal to or better than Darrelle Revis. Revis is super late with his reply, but this is what he had to say courtesy of Bleacher Report.

Revis takes shots at Sherman’s performance against Roddy White and his lack of Twitter Followers.

Darrelle Revis Richard Sherman

Sherman of course had to reply.

They both sound like a girls to me, bickering back and forth on Twitter. The Twitter followers jab, was especially lame on Revis’ part. I will say this about Sherman, he is embracing his villain role and that is how you become a marketing star, when you play in a place like Seattle.

It isn’t good enough to just be a great player, you need a persona and his persona is to get under people’s skin. He would be great in the WWE. He has some CM Punk style qualities.

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