Former NBA Player Steve Francis Isn’t Looking Too Good (Photo)

Steve Francis Crack

I don’t know if this is at All-Star or just a random photo posted by @Angryblkmandc, but times have been hard on Stevie Franchise.

There were rumors he has been on heavy drugs and photos like this aren’t going to make people think that is a lie.

One thought on “Former NBA Player Steve Francis Isn’t Looking Too Good (Photo)

  • It’s really sad these days, how we, instead of helping someone, who may or may not need it, we show pics of them, going through bad times, with articles, telling what we think their problem is. Is this fun for you? It’s not for me. It makes me a little sick and makes me question humanity. I don’t know how you people sleep at night. I sleep a little less sound knowing this is what someone call entertainment. If Steve Francis is having a bad time with drugs, or anything else, shouldn’t we want to help him. Isn’t he our brother? If drugs are the problem, these pictures and articles will surely only make him turn to them even more. Do you care?

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