Jacoby Jones Celebrates SB Victory With New Ravens Tattoo


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Jacoby Jones had one heck of a 2012-13 NFL season. After dropping a crucial return the following year twice with the Houston Texans, Jones found a new home with the Baltimore Ravens, the same team who beat his Texans to get to the AFC Championship game.

In addition to finding a new home, Jones made NFL history with extremely long kick returns, and ended an impressive individual season with his first NFL Super Bowl Championship in his home town of New Orleans. Now that he’s  crowned a champion and making appearances all over television networks showcasing his craze footwork and dance moves, it was time to solidify his achievement with some ink.

Jones already had the city of New Orleans tatted on his back, so next up he added the Baltimore Ravens logo and the Lombardi trophy  on top of the roof of the Superdome. Jones shared these images via his Instagram account.  The tattoo was done by Houston’s own Kevo2021, plus mama Jones got herself an ankle tattoo as well. Nice!

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4 thoughts on “Jacoby Jones Celebrates SB Victory With New Ravens Tattoo

  • Heads up, the Ravens didn’t beat the Texans. That was the Patriots. Good job with your facts >.>

    • He’s talking about last year. Jacoby was on the Texans, the Ravens beat the Texans to get to the AFCCG. Then he came to the Ravens this year, and got himself a ring.

    • Heads up matt, Good job being 100% wrong. Reading is fundamental

  • Are you kidding me? This guy makes that much money and still goes to his backyard scratcher artist to get crap quality tattoos? Wise up, Jacoby!

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