Modesto Bakery Is Selling Kaepernick ‘Arm Cakes’ (Photo)

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Would you buy this cake? Bakery owner and creator of the ‘Kaepernicking’ cake, Joanne Ramos can’t keep up with the demands.

ESPN reported the story 4 days ago after a patron at the Village Baking Company snapped a shot of the elaborate confection. The cakes cost a whopping $170, but Ramos says that the crafted artwork that goes into making the tattoos takes roughly 3 hours. She explained

“It starts as a half-sheet cake then it’s carved. It can be white, chocolate or marble cake, then it’s covered in butter cream. We then roll the fondant on top of it and Bob does the art work, all of the hand painting and airbrushing,”

“Each one is individually made and we’re already reached our maximum number of orders that we can fill between now and the weekend.”

Sounds delicious but almost $200 for a cake? No doubt 49ers devotees will have no issues in forking over the cash as they watch their team head back to the Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years.