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NC State Tyler Lewis Grandmother Just Died, So Duke Fans Chant “How’s Your Grandma?”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Friday, February 8th, 2013
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Tyler Lewis

Losing your grandmother is a traumatic experience and by all accounts Lewis was very close to his. She just passed away last Friday and understandably he is taking it hard, but was playing through it. The National Media treats Duke with kid gloves and as if they have Halos, but what are they going to say about this?

If this was the NC State crowd chanting this to a Duke player it would be national news. We will see how the mainstream media and Dick Vitale addresses this. It doesn’t matte if it was one fan, 100 fans or 10000 fans. While they will spin it as a “Past your Bedtime” chant that did happened, they will ignore the chant previous to that about Lewis’ grandmother, which can be heard faintly in background.

A Duke fan in the stands confirmed and identifies the people who chanted about Lewis’ grandmother on a Duke Fan Site Blog.

Duke Fan Comment

Duke has denied the incident has occurred.

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  1. Bill says:

    So you don’t have actual evidence but a bunch of people not at the game tweeted it. Nice to see you’ve done your reporting. Apparently, this wasn’t true. Would love to see a video or an apology.

    • You sure about that chief? might want to check again

      • Bill says:

        So you have video? Would love to see it/hear it.

        • Chill says:

          His video is the “Past your bedtime” chant. He’ll spin it as “How’s your grandma” and say that we are too biased to hear the students correctly.

          • Mike says:

            you must be joking, the video is of the game and you clearly hear the grandmother reference, you Duke idiots need to get over it and realize you make it happen.

        • Scott says:

          Um, did you miss the picture posted by the duke student who was at the game?

      • Mark says:

        Do you call this journalism, “chief”? You take a malicious internet rumor and spin it as fact to garner page hits and comments? Well, it worked. You’re a good social media marketer. But you’re also a troll.

        My deepest condolences to the Lewis family.

        • Mukphly says:

          Glad to see the college experience is having the desired effects on these Duke students. If multiple witnesses can attribute this chant to any particular students, they should lose the privilege to attend any more home games for the rest of this season.

          & for those who say this is all fiction, multiple credible witnesses say otherwise, so don’t be like those homers that to this day defend Penn State, for all that does is feed the fire that this has brought onto Duke Basketball & it’s fans.

    • Mike says:

      call Duke at 919-681-3788 or the ACC office at 366-854-8787 and tell them how wonderful this low life school is.

  2. AndyD says:

    Just left the game. This didn’t happen.

  3. Chris Moody says:

    You might want to add the facts. The person who started this rumor heard one or two people yell it from the stands. It was not chanted by the Cameron Crazies. There are always a few idiots at games. Coach K would stop the game and address the fans if they did that. He’s done it before.

    • Matt says:

      Coach K is a rat face pile of crap. Scum gets away with never playing true OOC road games. Can’t stand that rat face wimp. Duke fans are scum as they come, they’re known for crossing the line with their stupid chants. Maybe their just bitter that their football is so awful

  4. Daniel says:

    I was the person standing directly to the right of Nolan Evans, who tweeted about this originally. I found out about this false report while looking at his messaging over his shoulder to discover that he hopefully misheard our chant of “past your bedtime.” Not a single student knew of the incident because it was not part of our “cheat sheet” and seeing as how I didn’t chant it and I heard no one chant it, I can either assume that his claim of “How’s your Grandma” is either a misheard chant or sensationalism at its best.

  5. KrysBrown89 says:

    Maybe you should use alleged instead of stating it as fact. There has been no evidence produced although one of the guys claimed he received video of it. Many people who were there including on media row have said it’s not true and they didn’t hear it. Furthermore they decided to wait to tweet about it…They’re “rivals” why not tweet about it when it actually happened? Rodney Purvis tweeted about it then deleted it. I’ve said it’s foul either way; if it’s true or made up. Everyone already paints Duke and their fans like they’re the devil. This only throws fuel on the fire.

  6. Alex says:

    I was one of the guys right behind the reporter who you used as a source. This never happened. Yes, we have some ill-spirited chants sometimes (see Dez Wells, Alex Len), but death is one of the few things that’s off-limits.

  7. Chill says:

    Yeah. The fact that this reportedly happened in the middle of the second half, but wasn’t even mentioned, much less reported, until after NCSU picked up the L is more than enough to make me skeptical. Good reporting though, you work hard for your paycheck and should be proud.

  8. bobmasterflex says:

    LOL at this reporter nitpicking one reporter who claimed it and one comment while other commenters were right behind the reporter and deny it. “Duke fan site?” It’s a newspaper blog.

    • Bill says:

      I still can’t hear anything in the video. I guess it is really feint. But either way, he says it doesn’t matter if it was 1 student or 1000. I think it does. You are trying to paint a fan base with a broad stroke. This is how stereotypes are started and perpetuated. So now anytime one idiot says something at any sports game, we should condemn the whole fan base?

  9. Aly B says:

    I am a Duke student and was in the student section tonight right next to the line monitors who are the ones thy compile the cheat sheets and start the chants. The chant you can clearly hear in this video and that was used periodically throughout the game is “past your bedtime,” because frankly Tyler Lewis looks like a little kid, but that is besides the point. I can 100% guarantee that not a single member of the Crazies chanted anything about Tyler’s grandma, in fact barely any of us even knew about her passing. We would never go that far to mention something as serious as the death of a family member in our taunting. Cameron is obviously one of the loudest stadiums in all of college basketball, so loud that sometimes it can even be difficult to exactly make out what other portions of the Crazies are saying. That being said, I can understand how someone sitting on the bench across the court could mistake our chant for something else, however their allegations are completely untrue. People love to hate Duke, and we take pride in that. But when that hate grows to the point that people will say anything and believe anything just to make us look bad, it has gone too far. Shame on you for basing your “report” off of a few tweets from the opposing team (obviously NC State players and staff will want to say something to take the focus off of the fact that they LOST) and not searching for real facts or even the other side of the story

    • john says:

      You can clearly hear them chanting about his grandma on the video. You did it now own it. You all should be ashamed. Karma will get you.

      • Mark says:

        You can’t “clearly” hear anything that’s being chanted in the video, no matter how many times you listen to it or how badly you want to be hearing any particular chant, whether it’s “Past your bedtime” or “How’s your grandma”. To say otherwise is simply dishonest, unless you took it into a sound lab and stripped away all the background noise to isolate the chant in question. Did you do that, John? If you didn’t, then I would stop making blatantly dishonest accusations.

        • Allen says:


    • Justin says:

      Aly B: You can’t “100% guarantee that not a single member of the Crazies chanted anything about Tyler’s grandma.” All you can say is that you didn’t hear it. I don’t doubt you’re right, but you lose your credibility when you make a guarantee that’s virtually impossible to prove. In a stadium of let’s say 10,000 people, there is no way that you can guarantee that something about Tyler’s grandma wasn’t said. Good effort I suppose. It seems Duke really is the douchiest school in America. They aren’t even Ivy League and they seem to have us beat with regards to the douche-meter of a school.

    • jc says:

      DUDE, that is a LIE, or you were so drunk you weren’t paying attention. DUKE students even confirmed it. NC State’s school paper editor reported it was limited but DID happen.

      Mr. Rick Lewis, Tyler’s Dad, who lost him MOM was there and stated HE heard it, and it was CLEAR it was NOT why you pathetically aren’t adult enough to OWN.

      OH, yeah, Mr. Lewis, who’s family I know has NO reason to lie, and their family background makes this highly unlikely, as there is NO advantage gained.

      Look DUKE fans have been known to blow it before and be SCUM, OWN it, apologize and move on, but LYING is pathetic.

      FACT is the Student body, instead of celebrating how well Duke was playing, instead opted to make fun of someone for NON-Basketball related things. Really classless scum bag act. Someone like you lying about it shows what you are.

  10. Sean L says:

    Unless someone’s listening to a different audio clip than the one posted, the chant is clearly “past your bedtime”. Being at the game, having the CC cheat sheet, and also seeing a video shot on the jumbotron of the whiteboard with the chants reading “past your bedtime” just before this chant occurred, seems that this grandma chant is a little unfounded. Maybe a couple goofballs somewhere in the stadium thought it would be funny, but even if there were isolated chants of that, they were not audible. There’s reading a couple of tweets, and then there’s actually being at the game…

  11. Lies says:

    Section 19 isn’t even the student section… and besides the chant was “Past your bedtime” because he’s so small

  12. Use Common Sense says:

    “Duke has denied and the mainstream media will ignore and not follow up.” – Thanks for the chuckle!

    Mainstream media doesn’t perpetuate conspiracies because they real jobs to protect. Throwing shit on a wall and hoping it sticks is not real journalism.

  13. Duke Cheerleader says:

    This is horrible reporting. Tweets from sore State fans aren’t credible sources. There are photos and videos that will prove all this nonsense is just, well, nonsense.


  14. Durhamster says:

    So it didn’t happen because a bunch of Duke fans/students say it didn’t happen? Tyler’s own father made it up? Duke fans didn’t say it because it wasn’t on the “chant sheet”? Oh please. Duke students have denied using the chant sheets for years, and now they ‘fess up? How about man up and say that whoever said it was acting deplorably, rather than wrap yourselves if imaginary cloaks of virtuousity and deny it. Denial in the face of the truth is such a UNC thing to do…

    • jds says:

      The smoking gun! That PROVES it! You’re so right!

    • JC says:

      WOW, Duke fans post a link to a poster that shows “it’s past Tyler Lewis’ bedtime. WELL, we can all rest easy, despite multipe sites with multiple videos showing it and it being audibly CLEAR, since a Duke fan stated it was “so” it’s NOT so. AND DUKE’s Crazies have NEVER been known to “cross the line” HAVE they? So we can ALL rest EASY< Duke is Innocent…

  15. pville says:

    You all are fighting about whether the CC’s were chanting about Tyler’s grandma or “past your bedtime” but when I read the comments defending the CC’s, all I see is how mean the chants actually are. Come on, do you really think that “Past your bedtime” is something that should be chanted by thousands of people? I know we are all adults and should be able to overlook what people say to us but it still hurts. I also read that the crazies chanted referencing a poem that a NC state fan wrote… That is ridiculous, childish, and mean as hell. I’m sure there are good people at Duke, and the hospital is amazing, but some of the fans are jerks. If anyone did chant about the guy’s grandma then I hope they never have to endure that kind of pain.

  16. JC says:

    Past your bedtime…past your bedtime. Nothing was ever said about his Grandma. There were several sportwriters there last night anbd NONE of them heard this supposed Grandma cheer and it was not on the cheer sheet that the students carry either. Drop it!

  17. smtrtna4thgrdr says:

    Is mike Nifong involved?

  18. me says:

    Duke, what kind of a lame ass stupid name is that. Hell, I don’t even know where the shithole known as Duke is located, never needed to since I only watch football which they suck so bad at that they never get mentioned.

  19. fan says:

    I will say this about it. I was not at the game, but listened to the video and hear “bedtime”, not grandma. I had my daughter listen who knows nothing about it and all she can make out is “bedtime”, and nothing else. I have been to Cameron several times with my kids. It’s fun and with a with the exception of what was said to ref Dick Groat many years ago, harmless. I have also been to State basketball and football games. The fans are rude and drunk. I will never take my kids to another State football game. So please give me a break.

  20. tom fitz says:

    Why can’t Duke fans own up to really bad decision that was clearly made by the student body. They will do anything to try and distract opposing players to gain advantage and have been doing so for years. If you listen to that video and tell me that you can’t hear “How’s Your Grandma,” then I can only think that you are beyond denial and borderline mentally challenged. There are people that are professionals in this field that can get you the help you need. Remember that prescription medication should only be taken as prescribed.

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