Bill Polian Says Tim Tebow’s Days As An NFL Quarterback Are Over


The Tim Tebow talk is at an all time low, but those in the business still feel the need to offer their opinion.   Bill Polian was a successful NFL general manager for many years, and now as an analyst for ESPN, knows a thing or two about football.

Polian told ESPN that “Tebow is not an NFL quarterback, and his career might be done unless he switches positions.’

“Tim Tebow’s time with the Jets is over. His time as an NFL quarterback is probably over. If I were a general manager I’d say to Tim Tebow, If you want to come in here and you want to play running back, you want to play H-back, you want to play tight end and contribute on special teams, there’s a job for you, because Tim Tebow’s a football player. But he’s not an NFL quarterback, and his days as an NFL quarterback are probably over.”

I agree with Polian, and think Tebow would be a year in and year out Pro Bowl candidate if he chose to play that h-back full back position, or even tight end.