Former WWE Wrestler Chris Masters Rescues Mom From Burning House

Chris Masters


According to a story via TMZ, former WWE wrestler Chris Masters, went into hero mode yesterday, when he saved his mother from a burning house.

Masters — real name Chris Mordetzky — tells us, he rushed to his mother’s L.A. home yesterday after his uncle called and said a neighbor had gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house.

When Chris showed up, the neighbor was shouting through the front door that he would burn the place down if anyone tried to gain entry.

Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn’t having it — so Chris called the cops … but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on fire.

Chris jumped into hero mode — tearing a tree out of the ground and tossing it through a window.

Chris reached through the window and removed his mom from the inferno … at which point police rushed in and arrested the neighbor on arson charges.


This is the house that Masters pulled his mom from.

Burning house

I would’ve done the same thing for my mom except tearing the tree out of the ground, that doesn’t seem like something I’m capable of. This act of heroism may have just earned Masters the title of ” Best Son Ever.”