Gabrielle Union Has Thoughts on D Wade’s Ex-Wife For Going on Dr. Phil


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Regardless, of what you think of Wade’s ex-wife Siovaughn personally, one fact can’t be ignored.  She and D Wade were still married when Gabrielle Union came into the picture.

It isn’t unusual, for people to move on while they are still married (see: Kim Kardashian or Deion Sanders), but legally she was a mistress for a long period of time.

Siovaughn went on Dr. Phil and basically said because Wade is a celebrity, that is the reason she lost custody of her kids.  Gabby went to Twitter to give her thoughts courtesy of Bossip.

Gabby Tweets

Subtweeting is weak, if Gabby had something to say, she should have said it with her chest. Gabby does a lot of deflecting for D Wade, be it his Ex-Wife or his alleged side chicks.

It is all drama that could be avoided if everyone would just be quiet.

Gabby Union

3 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Has Thoughts on D Wade’s Ex-Wife For Going on Dr. Phil

  • I think Flabby ass Star Jones was one of the first mistresses.

    Star Jones!?

    Wade’s ex gets a lot of hate for being “crazy” but who could blame her?

    If my wife/girl cheated with Al Roker, I’d go crazy too!

  • I think most post martial relantships begin prior to the marriage being officially over…..that’s just the way it is.

  • Ex wife needs to get over this pity party and move on with her life! I’m so tired of hearing how wronged she’s been…baby girl take ownership of your mess and move on, you wanna do what’s best for your kids then stay off the television and go sit in someone’s chair that can help you with your issues. Bashing their father is definitely not the answer!

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