Percy Harvin Says Migraines Are No Longer A Concern For Him


Percy Harvin got his cash yesterday from the Seattle Seahawks, and in what probably will be a shocker to his former team the  Minnesota Vikings, got rid of his migraines also.

Harvin who was plagued by migraines often during his first two years in Minnesota, was sometimes unable to play or practice due to debilitating headaches.

According to 1500ESPN, Harvin said those “headaches are no longer an issue.”

“I haven’t had a migraine in two years now,” Harvin said. “Been fully healthy from that aspect so everything’s been good. I’m going to knock on wood that nothing resurfaces but it’s been all great.”

Harvin also admitted to suffering from sleep apnea, a disorder marked by abnormal pauses of breathing during sleep. He stated that after a trip to the Mayo Clinic he is symptom free.

I’m sure the Seahawks are elated, and what must the Vikings be feeling?