Pilar Sanders Hail Mary Attempt To Appeal Prenup Ruling

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The never-ending divorce saga between Deion Sanders and his ex wife Pilar continues drag along, with Pilar now desperate to appeal a Dallas court’s ruling to uphold the couple’s prenup.

As reported by the NY Post Pilar stands to lose hundreds of millions if the ruling stands. She is seeking no less than half Deion’s reported $250 million fortune, which includes millions in real estate. The decision to keep the prenup intact came just last week, and Pilar is wasting no time in striking back with a “surprise witness” who will testify that Deion cited issues with the prenup and hid funds from her.

Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman stated:

“[the witness’s] will be included as part of our motion to appeal. If the court of appeals decides her testimony is material, they will grant a new trial.”

If the prenup stands Pilar will walk away with just $1 million, and child support payments. But last week a judge gave Deion primary conservatorship of the couple’s 3 children, thus voiding any child support paid to Pilar.

Deion’s lawyer struck back with the following statement in light of Pilar’s move to appeal:

“It’s closed, and there’s no opportunity for Pilar and her lawyers to present this woman’s testimony,…The appellate court will only consider evidence that was supported in the case. They can’t hear new evidence.”

This is one case that will see no end in sight soon.