Report: Carson Palmer “Highly Unlikely” To Restructure Deal For Raiders

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers

Either the Terrelle Pryor era is about to start or the Raiders will draft a young quarterback.  Only thing that is certain is that Carson Palmer era seems ready to come to an end.

Adam Schefter is reporting that Palmer is highly unlikely to restructure his deal with the Raiders, therefor ensuring his release sometime in the near future, or the Raiders being willing to pay him $13 million.

The Raiders have already indicated they want to give Pryor a shot at winning the job, so you can’t imagine they’d pay someone $13 million to possibly sit the bench.

Dropping Palmer would free up some much-needed money, and give the team the option to select a quarterback in the draft.


One thought on “Report: Carson Palmer “Highly Unlikely” To Restructure Deal For Raiders

  • If the Raiders were smart and they are not, they would cut Carson Palmer now, and pray that Geno Smith is still available to draft.
    By the way, never ever draft a quarterback from USC. They all suck!

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