Walt Frazier Says Heats Domination Shows How Weak The NBA Is


Walt “Clyde” Frazier is one of the NBA’s all time great guards, and a current Knicks analyst.  Clyde has seen and played a lot of basketball, so he knows talent.

Walt is not impressed with this year juggernaut version of the Miami Heat.  Frazier told ESPN New York that “the Heat are not an all time great team, and their domination shows how weak the NBA is.”

“I think they’re the best team in the NBA, but I wouldn’t call them a great team. I wouldn’t rank them anywhere near the top 10 best teams ever,” Frazier said Friday on ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s “The Michael Kay Show.”

It’s more an indication of how weak the NBA is right now than their superiority,” Frazier said.

Frazier told Michael Kay, he doesn’t think the Heat will break the 1972 Lakers 33 game win streak.

“I never thought that that record would ever be matched, and Miami is close, but I don’t think they’re going to do it. You know why? They’re struggling,” Frazier said.

“When we [the Knicks] were the first team in 1969-70 to win 18 consecutive games, the starting five was on the bench in the fourth quarter. I mean, we were blowing teams out. Miami is not blowing teams out; they’re making miraculous comebacks.

“So I think sooner or later it’s gonna catch up with them. The other problem is they’re playing mediocre teams. They’re playing teams that have nothing to lose and they’re looking to make their season by breaking that streak, so I think that’s going to eventually cause their demise.”

Walt is either super salty as a former Knick, or he’s really hating.  What do my readers think?

5 thoughts on “Walt Frazier Says Heats Domination Shows How Weak The NBA Is

  • Walt so damn salty lol…nobody cares or remembers the Knicks winning 18 in a row, nor does anybody care how they did it…if the current Knicks were on a 25 game win streak he’d be calling them the best team ever

  • Walt does sound a little salty but he has some points. The last several games the of the Heat they’ve had to come back so it seems like that might ctach up with them sooner or later.

  • He is not salty.He sees the truth.The heat are giveing a lot of energy to beat weak teams.This could cause exhaustion are an explosion in the playoffs.An explosion means they united by defualt are they exhaust and give out.With a leader like LBJ i think they will explode and become a special team.(just my opinion).
    He is wrong for saying the league is weak.He never played with so many guys this size and this fast.True,back in his days they had more skill but not size and talent.In that respect he is like jordan salty and they should be.They love the game.

  • salty!! think about what he said, in his same nba era the knicks won 18 in a row the lakers 33 and bucks 23 (i think) in a row. his era was garbage, but so what? in the whole 1980’s era 5 teams made it to the finals. that is what the league says is the golden era

  • Salty. If the league is so weak, why are more teams not doing it?

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