Aaron Rodgers New Deal Includes $35 Million Signing Bonus


Imagine being the bank teller or the bank that gets the privilige of depositing Aaron Rodgers signing bonus from the new deal he just signed with the Packers.

Whoever gets to count that money will have a few hours to spare.  According to Around The League, Rodgers new contract is cap friendly, but it’s also Aaron Rodgers friendly as well.

Rodgers reportedly got a nice check on the spot, and it was for $35 million as a signing bonus.  The Packers took care of Rodgers, but also took care of the Packers future by leaving them cap room and flexibility.  Here are the numbers from the deal that made Aaron Rodgers the highest paid player in NFL History via Albert Breer.

2013: $4.5M base salary; 500K workout

2014: $9.5M roster bonus (guaranteed); $900K base; $500K workout

2015: $9.5M roster bonus (guaranteed); $1M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2016: $11.5M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2017: $12.55M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2018: $19.8M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2019: $20M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

Rodgers cap numbers are high, but they don’t get to point of restructuring or possible release until the final two years of the deal.

Also check out the fact that during the final four years of the contract, even though his salary is not guaranteed, Rodgers will earn a $600k roster bonus for every game he plays in addition to his normal weekly salary.

In comparison, Joe Flacco will have a cap number of $26 million two seasons from now.