Dwight Howard Tells Fan He Doesn’t Have 5 Baby Mamas, When in Reality He Does


A cute Lakers Fan makes the sign you see above, all in good fun. The reason is because she knows, Dwight Howard has multiple baby mamas that he doesn’t publicly acknowledge.

How does she know that? Because she read this story from BSO last year.

Dwight Howard’s Secret Baby Mamas Hope Alexa,Tiffany Render & Maybe More

Since that time Dwight has proven himself to be a known liar about several things. The baby mamas he won’t acknowledge, as well as the one he does acknowledges Royce Reed, have all confirmed they have at least one child by him.

Furthermore, I have it on good authority that Dwight Howard doesn’t even run his Twitter account most of the time and the following Tweet below was made by one of his yes-men.

Dwight-Howard-baby-mama-sign 2

This is what happens when you let your “yes-men” run your Social Media spaces.

Rumors are that he has his 6th child on the way from his girlfriend Christine Vest (I use the term girlfriend lightly), which is something that has been floating around for a while.

None of this has to do with what Dwight does on the court, but a man who won’t recognize his children publicly, is a man who you should not to trust.

If you do, maybe you will have the chance to be the 7th baby mama.

H/T to Larry Brown Sports for screenshots

3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Tells Fan He Doesn’t Have 5 Baby Mamas, When in Reality He Does

  • I guess these chicks just want to lock down the 18 years of child support…..and I guess Dwight is too stupid to use condoms

    • Sad thing is that the chick in the pic..”Lizz Weston”…is probably keeping it 100% when she says she would be baby mama #6….

  • Lie lie lie!!! Little, don’t you have something real to report on. I mean rumors? Come on!! You’re just Attempting to tarnish his reputation. I’ve known desperate bloggers like you who will say ANYTHING to get hits. And yes I said BLOGGER. THIS IS NOT HIS 5th.
    You have No solid information and I hope your readers realize this.

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