Nationals Fans Want To Get Rid Of ‘The Wave’ Bryce Harper Isn’t Pleased

2012 Washington Nationals Photo Day


Nationals fans are embroiled in a civil war of sorts over the existence of the wave. To be or not to be?

While the most vocal of the bunch are of the anti-wave faction–including many Nats players, Bryce Harper has come to the support of those who are pro wave on twitter 

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Personally, I’m pretty neutral on the issue. here’s this for a revolutionary idea–if you don’t like the wave…don’t do it. Scary thought?

Plus Nats fans shouldn’t bother worrying about silly matters such as this, their franchise is off to another promising start after years of being a punching bag in the NL East. Enjoy the spoils of your reward and quit worrying about the darn wave.

Agree, disagree or don’t care?