Red Sox Pitcher Alfredo Aceves Blames 13-0 Loss On Small Strike Zone

Alfredo Aceves


Of all the excuses…in all the universe…why?

Red Sox former relief pitcher turned starter was crushed in Tuesday’s game vs the Oakland A’s in which he gave up 7 earned runs and the Sox eventually lost 13-0.

Rain cut short the brutally one sided affair and afterwards Aceves offered up the following to explain his bad showing:

“It’s hard to explain to you guys,…You guys just see the errors, the runs, the hits, whatever. It’s really hard to — how can I explain? — to get through that plate. For whatever reason, the strike zone got small. Obviously you guys don’t see it that way. You see the runs. As a pitcher, man, it’s not easy.”

In Aceves’ defense his English isn’t up to par, but with that said it’s an entirely weak sauce excuse and poor etiquette. He also added this gem “Also, we got our hacks. Why don’t we hit?” 

Here’s a tip to Alfredo, when you get bombed in your start and have to be removed come the 4th it’s not really a good idea to try to lay the blame on lack of hitting.

Just saying.

H/T LarryBrownSports