Ron Washington Caught Smoking In Dugout During Game (Video)

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RELAX! It’s not quite what you may have thought initially.

Yes, Ron Washington has a very long history of drug abuse, but never fear, it was just a cigarette…at least that’s kinda what it appears to be. Washington’s a pretty old school guy so there’s been speculation that the cigarette was hand rolled, hence the irregular look to it.

Tv cameras popped the Texas Rangers manager puffing smoke in the 9th inning of the Rangers blowout (no pun intended) victory over the Seattle Mariners on Sunday and immediately speculations echoed.

Smoking in the dugout is kind of one of those weird unwritten baseball rules which is permitted so much as you’ve earned a certain seniority–Detroit Tigers skipper Jim Leyland oft smokes in the dugout, but since he’s about 99 years old no one says anything. Same should apply to Ron.

Pretty hilarious clip because of how random it is