Soccer Player Luis Suarez Bites Opposing Player During Game (Video)

Luis Suarez


For those of you not familiar with Liverpool player Luis Suarez, here’s what you need to know, he’s a very talented player with the morals of weasel.

Suarez is almost always embroiled in some sort of controversy of his own doing, whether it’s blatant diving or punching players, this isn’t even the first time he has bitten an opponent. Last season he was suspended eight games for racially abusing a black player in his native tongue.

During a game today against fellow English soccer club Chelsea, Suarez bit defender Branislav Ivanovic, which is probably one of the lowest things one man can do to another.

The crazy thing about Suarez is that’s he’s such a good player. In the game he earned a point for his team by getting a goal and assist but the bite will obviously overshadow all of that.

Check the video out here: