The Truth About Undrafted NFL Free Agents & Why They Need a Reality Check

Undrafted NFL Free Agents

Last night on Twitter, I was educating some people on what it means to be an undrafted free agent in the NFL. In the process I made a joke about how some players use that to their advantage to get women.

The joke was more a knock on groupies than the players. Shortly thereafter, I found a perfect example of what I was talking about.

This wasn’t a knock on Cromartie, just was proving my point, even went as far as clarifying my remark.

Mr. Cromartie though, thinks way too highly of himself and his feelings were hurt, so he try to reply with some pretty obvious jabs that most athletes try to do when they want to get on their high horse.

Many athletes are pretty vain, they like to think they are curing cancer or something, they believe they can hurt your feelings if they played college football and you didn’t.

Cromartie claims he is a christian, but had no issues with trying to say he was better than me, because he was an undrafted cornerback and took a shot at my education (I graduated from Ohio State, he went to Wisconsin, I should be the one taking the shots). I have heard worse from athletes, but it tells me that Cromartie Christianity depends on the situation.  He is more likely, just a regular person who wants to party at Privae and put “Jet Setting” on his Twitter Avi.

The truth is, if you are drafted in the 7th rd, you will get about a $50k signing bonus, a respectable amount of money, but if you work in a call center, you can make that pretty easily in a year.

If you go undrafted your signing bonus may range from $500 to $2000 depending on the player and the team. Essentially, what a person makes every week or two weeks on their job.

When training camp starts, teams can have up 90 players on their roster, that’s a total of 2880 players. Your salary isn’t guaranteed unless you make it to the 2nd week of the season, your first check doesn’t get deposited until the 1st week of the season.

When the season starts, those rosters have to be down to 53, that’s a total of 1696 players. By the end of training camp 1184 players will be out of work.  Many of those players will only have gotten $500, meal money and flight back home.

Out of those 53 available spots let’s assume 40 are already locked in (I’m being generous, might be more). That is 13 spots available for the Marcus Cromartie’s of the world.

The point I am trying to make, is instead of being in your feelings and trying to live off your college success, you have much bigger issues that arguing about where I went to school.

That’s the reality for not just Cromartie, but for all these new NFL Players coming into the league.  instead of just trying so hard to live the life of the NFL players you see on TV, by popping bottles, buying jewelry, getting women pregnant, your focus should be on be on the field. Because, it is only so long fake thugs can pretend.

The majority of the players drafted in the NFL draft, you might never hear from again. Go to the 2008 NFL Draft which is only 5 years ago, scroll down the list and tell me how many players are still in the league? One of the main problems with these young guys is they think they are going to play forever. They think they can live off their college fame forever. It simply doesn’t work like that.

Don’t high horse on Twitter, spend all your summer at the club, let the yes men gas you up and let  the groupies make you think you a baller.  When the reality if you make a roster, it would be considered a minor miracle.

Focus on the task at hand, making that 53 man roster.

I am going to keep an eye on Cromatie, just like any other kid, I want him to succeed, we all have dreams that we want to come true. Talent and dedication will win out no matter if you are drafted or undrafted. But, his attitude now isn’t the best, so if he fails it will be because of that, then we will see who will have to go back to night school.

9 thoughts on “The Truth About Undrafted NFL Free Agents & Why They Need a Reality Check

  • The player did not say anything bad. The writer comments were immature if you ask me. And Wisconsin is better than Ohio.

  • Robert,
    You’re both right and you’re both wrong. As someone on the ‘inside’, the NFL and NBA drafts are stressful times for those intimately involved. The odds are insanely long and even longer for UDFAs. However, the odds are not impossible. See Vontaez Burfict.
    I have a MS from the #1 Public School in the US and a JD from that same institution’s Law School. I too used to get caught up in the rankings until I realized the only people who really cared about those rankings were the folks signing my paycheck. When I left corporate America and hung out my own shingle, I then realized no matter where you went, it’s what you do with your degree(s).
    As Black men, Robert, let’s use our platforms to build our people up, not tear them down. If you want to provide life lessons to our UDFAs, let’s do it in private. Take it from an old man;-)

  • Didn’t know so many Marcus Cromartie and Wisconsin fans read BSO. People – present yourself like you’re hosting a draft party across the street from MSG, you can’t get that salty when you get called on it. If Cromartie has this thin a skin over a mild jab, what’s he gonna do when the real haters start in on him.

  • lot of people missing your point here, Rob. I completely agree with you. Kids who may get drafted or may not are more concerned with what party they are hosting, and for what? To fit the mold of a professional athlete? Concentrate on what work needs to be done on the field. I agree with you.

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