Caption the Photo: Mark Cuban, CP3 and Tiger Woods in Vegas


Marrk Cuban


At first glance it would appear that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is getting an early but illegal jump on his free-agent shopping by partying it up with his No. 1 target this summer Chris Paul, but apparently, both men just happen to be at an event held by Tiger Woods.

Woods and his significant other Lindsey Vonn, hosted “TigerJam” which is an annual event the golfer holds for the wealthy in Las Vegas to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation. Cuban and Paul attended “Poker Night” at Moorea Beach Club Beachside Casino at Mandalay Bay. So no need to panic Clippers fans, at least not yet.


  1. You would think with all of his money Cuban would have more than T-shirts in his wardrobe…just sayin

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